Thursday, April 3, 2014

Post 23~ And We're Gonna Let It Burn��

Ask yourself the question...

On the scale of sizzling to blazing 
How fuming are you today?

Basically today I'm pretty fuming. By this I mean angry or frustrated. Some people prefer to use the phrase salty. Now personally I don't like a lot of sodium so I try to limit that intake. 

As Ellie Goulding said, " and we're gonna let it burn". Pop culture understands the fact that there are just some days where people can really cause some flames. 

Call the fire department people!! Sound the sirens! This 20 time talk to causing me to seriously spark some flames. I'm not quite sure how to explain the problems I'm facing. Today we were supposed to have our topic for our talk selected. After that the slides need to get prepared. 

I'm not the kind of person who totally plans every aspect of everything out. I mean I love talking. Honestly I think I'm pretty descent at it. People don't really scare me either. I personally think where I might struggle is preparing for this. I like to spread my social butterfly wings and just...well...wing it. 

I'm really really counting on some sort of amazing, spectacular, life changing, Earth shaking idea to just come to me. So while I'm singing in the shower, walking my pup, or brushing my teeth I'm preparing for this burst of pure inspiration. So shout out to the universe because that's a lot of pressure. 

*Pressure pushing down on me pushing down on you*

In conclusion the whole point of this is......
I'm not quite sure. Just basically stay true to who you are. And as always stay cheesin.

Peace out peeps✌️

Friday, March 21, 2014

Post 22~ I Woke Up...Flawless

Flaws. Everybody has flaws (except BeyoncĂ©). The other day in class Mr. Provenzano was talking about all the flaws of the newest Great Gatsby movie. It got me thinking about flaws and just how people look at them. 

I'd like to think most of us have been raised knowing not to judge people. I mean you know my name, not my story. I acknowledge that I have flaws like I said everyone has them. Yet why does society only point out the negative things about flaws?  It's a pretty confusing thing! 

My project for sure has plenty of flaws. It's been rough, not lying here. This speech is my only hope to even save this. I have a lot riding on this. After rewriting the speech over and over I almost at a lost for words. Apart of me thinks if I find visuals first and then expand in what I want to say it will go pretty well. I love talking in front of people because I kind of like talking. I'm comfortable around people so I'm not worried about actually presenting. I'm just lost at what exactly to say! I'll keep you guys all posted about where this project takes me. 

-Peace out homies✌️

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Post 21~ Discovery to DO MORE

Recently I stumbled upon a filmmaker when looking up TED talks. His name is Casey Neistat. He's from New York and to say the least is extremely good at what he does. The videos he creates capture some of the best things in life. He is constantly on adventures and is nice enough to document his travels. The best part is he shares them all on YouTube. It's his outlet where he can let others enjoy his films.
This video is his featured TEDx talk. Even though the quality of the sound had some issues, the overall talk was pretty well rounded. 

At this point I'm almost positive I've watched all his movies on YouTube. They just inspire me. From his public service announcements, commercials, or even just personal stories... they make me want to go do something. The idea of constantly just following your dream and creating moments you always have wanted to is so incredible. Casey is owning every second of his life. He has created a life worth living and he's loving what he does. That to me is awesome. 

I highly recommend that you watch some of his videos. They vary in length from 2 minutes up to 20. Watch as many as you can because they rock. Like a lot. Obviously we all don't want to be filmmakers, but the message I think he sends out is love what you do, surround yourself with people you love, and take chances. 
The dude does some crazy stuff. I want to do some crazy stuff too. The places he goes, the people he meets, all of it inspires me to do the same one day. To do the things I've always wanted. To stand up for myself and what I believe in. To make memories. To just have fun.

 I mean the guy even got a tattoo that reminds him to "Do More". So lets do it. Do more.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Post 20~ Speaking Words Wisdom

I found this article online so hopefully these helpful quick tips can guide me into the right direction for my TED talk. 

Here we go! As we get closer and closer to the end of the school year I need to actually start getting my speech. I've begin asking myself some questions that I feel are important. For example what have I actually learned from this project? How can I use what I've learned later in my life? 

The planing process for a TED talk seems pretty daunting. I'd like to say I'm descent at public speaking. I really don't have an issue going in front of a lot of people to talk. What I'm worried about is what to actually talk about. I feel like I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my mind right now but I'm struggling to put all of them into one, cohesive idea. The challenge is to make the talk informative but funny. I need to talk about the project but also not focus on it completely because the point is to talk about what we have taken away from doing this. 

Some ideas that I have been thinking about are, where you can find motivation, the power of passion, or maybe something along the lines of carpe diem. These are my top choice for my talk right now. In the following week I would like to find time (in between lacrosse tryouts) to take out the old legal pad and make some pros and cons to each. Also this will be a chance for me to jot down some thoughts or points I could use for each idea. Then once that's done I can weigh in and decide which topic seems like the best choice.  

Now for a quick little life update! I turned 16 this weekend so that's exciting for me. Also, I got an email that was from a foreign exchange program. It's called ECI Edu-Culture Immersion. The email was for a chance to win a 3 week long summer abroad trip. The process was simple. All I had to do was write about my dream itinerary to either France or Spain. You also had to tell them who you want to go with you and either a movie star or your sister. The catch was it had to be in "approximately 500 words." Of course I entered! They will be announcing winners about March 31st so hopefully that will be me! I'll keep whoever it is reading this blog posted about that. 

Peace Out.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Post 19~ Questions and Answers Continued

This is my answer to the second question Mr. P asked. He wanted to know what we would have done differently with 20 time. 

This is sort of a complicated thing to answer. Everyone had ivdivudial projects that they said they wanted to do, yet as I continue to read other peoples blogs most people are at a stand still. Being a student who is actually apart of 20 time I can tell you that the Fridays in class aren't used. Plain and simple they are a waste. Isn't that the whole point of 20 time though? To spend that 20% of all our English classes working on the projects we all claimed we wanted to do. See I want to point out that even though some are making leaps and bounds in this project, most are BS-ing this. Even I admit I am guilty of this. I find that I'm bored and lack motivation. Since the start of these projects the enthusiasm has gone down. I know personally I have completely stopped working on the " GPS school survival guide" and have decided to devote all this supposed 20% to the TED talk. 

It's been stressed that it would be great to be able to put things like TED talk speaker on a college application. I agree and would love to be able to say "Hey check me out on the TED website! I made a talk as a sophomore!" Even though this is the case I kind of feel that the original excitement and whole point of 20 time has faded. 

If Mr. Provenzano decides to try doing 20 time again in the future there are some things I would maybe change. For example encourage spending the Fridays by actually working on projects. People who are playing gutair should bring in their gutair one day. People who are writing a cookbook could maybe bring in some of the food they learned to make. I feel like it should be more interactive. There should be opportunities for updates on what people have been doing. Kinda like the SNL weekend update. Instead it could be called the weekly update or something along the lines. It could be a chance for students to just share where their projects have been going. I know personally hearing quick little updates of what others are doing could potentially spark new ideas of how to expand my project. Inspiration and motivation form peers could take these projects to the next level. 

Another thing I talked about in my part 1 post was choosing the projects. I felt like I didn't have many choices or even time to pick a project. If you ask us to spend or in my case waste 20% of my time on a project for the entire school year I want it to be something that interest me. I feel like I had limitations put on my options. * read my part 1 if you want to know more* 

Overall my opinion of 20 time has changed greatly. At the beginning I was excited for a chance to do something new and get an opportunity to work on a project I was passionate about. Now as the project an school year is coming to a close my mind has completely changed. I have lost interest in this project and am kinda sad that 20% of English class time has ended up in a failed project. 

Along the way I have learned things and I'm excited that with the speech I will get a chance to talk about the life lessons I've learned. Peace out yet again✌️

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Post 18~ Questions and Answers

This week Mr. Provenzano asked us to answer the question, "What have you liked most/least about 20 time?"

I've spent a descent amount of time trying to figure out what my answer would be to this question. At the start of the year and the start of this project I was excited! I had never done anything like it in any other class. It was going to be my opportunity to choose something I was passionate about. After hearing some of the creative and challenging ideas that other people would be spending 20 time on, the gears in my head were moving. I realized that this would be my chance to finally go abroad for the summer.

My plan was going to be to keep a blog about my adventure of applying for scholarships, raising money through fundraising and working, buying things I would need for a trip to Europe(hiking boots, backpack, etc...). I knew that this was what i wanted to do with 20% of my English class time.

Things took a turn for the worse when Mr. P rejected my idea. I'm not going to sugarcoat it here people. I was extremely upset. Something that I really wanted to do and was excited to start got shot down. After being told the sky was the limit, a limit was put into place. Wouldn't you be angry too? Not only angry I was somewhat sad. No one likes to hear someone bashing an idea, thought or even emotion that you feel strongly about. It sucked. Straight up was horrible. I was fuming.

Now that my peers and I are being asked what we like or dislike about 20 time I think I can answer some of the question. I truly hate how others projects were accept where as some were rejected. Yes life is unfair. Yes rejection is apart of life. But when you say ready, set, GO! Do anything you want and have a passion for that might challenge you, I want to do just that. I felt held back and restrained in this project. I was shooting for high results and was forced to actually flop.

As some of you might know I resorted to a Grosse Pointe South High School Survival Guide. All I can or want to say about that is it was awful. It was a waste of time and didn't teach me anything. I lost interest in the project within a couple of weeks. That wasn't where my passion was. What I really wanted to do to challenge myself i was told no. No. That is a pretty small word yet its so powerful. Small yet mighty. With myself standing just 5"2 in height I'd like to say I also am small but mighty.

When I look back on the moment where my true, real passion idea for this project was shot down, I wish i stood up for myself more. I let my idea fall right down. To be completely honest my feelings were hurt. As i continue on in this boring waste of 20% of my time I have realized a few things. I can't wait to share them in my speech.

Peace out peeps.
I took this photo when I was in 8th grade. My aunt took me, my sister, and my mom on a trip to Paris and London. Even though I didn't make it back through 20 time, I'll go back someday.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Post 17~ Holla at Yo Break

Mid-winter break is here peeps!!!!!! I'm beyond excited right now. This break I'm going to be lucky enough to go shred Up North. Like think about how awesome it would be if Shaun White wanted to come to Michigan and shed it up with me. I mean that seems pretty practical if you ask me. Basically everyday I'll be living it up on the ski hill, watching the rest of the Olympics, and just enjoying a break from school. In other words this somewhat means that I'm going to be taking a break from 20 time. However I just wanted to give a sneak peek at what maybe possibly could be included as a part of my speech.

The definition of "no". Refusal, denied, rejected, shoot down, dismissed, absoulutley not, no. No matter how you say it it means the same thing. I'm looking forward to crate slides and coming up with points I'd want to cover in my presentation. There is a lot riding on this 20 time speech. As Mr. Provenzano says "it would look good on a college app". That's a big deal guys!! Who wouldn't want to put something cool on an application. I hope things work out well for me as I continue on this mystical 20% of your time project. Have a nice break everybody! Peace out.✌️